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Jose Luis Gea Arques was born in Orihuela (Alicante, Spain) in 1967.

It was in 1989 when Jose Luis discovered his passion for photography. Since then he has been shooting regularly.

He also started collecting old cameras, mainly 35mm which still works and that are used by himself with Black and White films (what is his predilection).

After some years absent from photography he came back to it, trying other styles and techniques. He became very interested in street photography when he met Sergi, who introduced him to this particular style. Since then he has been continuously taking street photos, when his job (optician) it allows.

His favourite author is Francés Catalá-Roca.

  • «La otra mirada», collective exposition for Cáritas. Orihuela 2011.
  • «El color dormido», collective exposition about Black and White photography. Orihuela 2012.
  • «Murales de San Isidro, homenaje a Miguel Hernández», collective exposition. Orihuela 2012.
  • «Muestra de fotografía Urbana», lounge «La fábrica». Orihuela 2013.


  • «Accesit» in the photo contest «La pasión» from the Patronato de la pasión de Callosa de Segura, 2001.
  • «Accesit» in the contest «Cielo y naturaleza» from the cientists group Hypatia de Alejandría, Orihuela 2011.


  • «Murales de San Isidro 1976-2012» ISBN: 978-84-616-3500-9
  • «Al son de campana, en prosa y verso», 2012 DEP legal A769-2012
  • «De Orihuela para Orihuela, Los pastores de Belen», 2013 DEP legal A659-2013

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