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  1. Good afternoon Fabián
    I´m 25 and i have been doing Street photography for aprox 1 year. i try to comunícate to the world the beauty which i see it and show it on my photos.

    I had answering how i can send you some of best photos to get considerated for some kind of promotion?

    Thank you for answering

    Kind regards.


  2. Dear Fabián,
    I am very curious about the question if you still accept interviews with photographers. I am a Street Photographer from Berlin, maybe you want to take a look at my website or my Insta to see if you like my works…

    Cheers from Berlin!
    Keep up your great work

  3. Hi guys,

    I’m going to spend one week in Alicante mid-april for business and I will probably try to do some street photography on my free time.

    Are some of you interested in meeting and joining me ?

    • Hi Laurent,
      We are very sorry that we saw this old message now. We had some trouble with our hosting provider :(.
      How did it go? Would you like to share some pictures with us?

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